Tuition Scholorships

This form and all of its contents will remain confidential. Specific information will be used to evaluate your need for tuition scholarship help. In addition, some questions will be used to gather demographic data for grant writing and fund raising to ensure the future of scholarship availability granted by The Foundation. This demographic information will not be used to determine the awarding of scholarship tuition.

The Love Your Life Foundation does not award full, 100% tuition scholarships. It is important that you are responsible for a
portion of the tuition in order to maximize its value to you. The Foundation feels strongly about this and has found from past
experience that people receiving scholarships need to personally  contribute to their own endeavor to earn the maximum
benefit from the course experience.

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In keeping with the purpose of The Love Your Life Foundation, which is funded through financial gifts, if you recieve a tuition scholarship from The Foundation, are you willing to give back with your time and/or talents to the community in some way? The amount of time asked for you to give back will be equal to the amout of time spent in the course (25 hours in the course = 25 hours doing something for the community)