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Dear Love Your Life Foundation,

I wanted to express my profound gratitude and appreciation to the foundation for the scholarship that enabled me to attend P3 this past weekend. After being notified that I had been awarded a scholarship I made a commitment to myself to utilize every single minute and to go after as much growth and healing as I could possibly achieve. I walked away on Sunday night knowing that I received everything I asked for, and then so much more.

It was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend. I will carry the learning and healing with me as I continue on my journey to be my most authentic and vulnerable self.

Furthermore, it will be an honor to return as an angel so that I can provide the love and safety that was shown to me. I truly believe the angels are vital in enabling the student (me) to be vulnerable enough to allow the healing to take place. It is through the safety, love, and vulnerability that I was able to discharge hurts that I had not yet been able to feel, or would allow myself the opportunity to do so.

Thank you for the opportunity to begin to love myself, and to believe that I truly am worth it.

With much love and gratitude,

Natalie H.


             In November of 2008, I was sixteen years old and my mother and I were at the breaking point. Raging arguments between us were weekly occurrences and we felt that there was almost nothing left to save our relationship. My mother spent many nights thinking about how to change our downward spiral. She decided to call one of her friends who was also the mother of a teenage boy. This friend told my mom that she sent her son to a workshop called Personal Power & Prosperity (P3) and their relationship had improved dramatically. Interestingly, my mother and father had taken this course just before I had been born and they liked it, so later that day she gave me an ultimatum. I was either going to the next P3 course in December, or I was moving out.

This ultimatum was very hard for me to digest. I had mountains of built-up anger towards my mother and was already insulted that she had asked me to go to counseling, but her telling me that I would be banished from the house if I did not comply made me even more furious. With that said, once I had gotten over the shock of this choice I realized it was easy to make; I chose P3 instead of getting kicked out.

I showed up at P3 on Friday night feeling angry and alone. I connected with a few people when I walked in, but not in a meaningful way. However, my attitude became more and more positive and relaxed as I realized how much this weekend would benefit me. When I went home that night, I was excited for the next day, but I still avoided my mom completely.

Saturday morning came quickly. The day started unexpectedly, with dancing. Now P3 had captured my full interest. However, I was still wearing my hardened protective shell to avoid expressing my feelings. I spent all day watching others cry, experience and release their intense anger, then feel amazingly happy afterwards, but I just couldn’t connect this work to myself. The angels, who are the P3 graduates, volunteer their weekend to help the new students. They supported me in whatever I asked for, but I still wasn’t able to do emotional work. However, when Sunday came, something inside of me changed. Through the loving, caring atmosphere I experienced all weekend, I finally opened myself up to others on a deep level. Feelings I didn’t even know I had came pouring out of me. I cried, was angrier than I even knew was possible, and still felt safe during the whole process. The unconditional love from all of the 60 plus people who surrounded me finally enveloped me. Through the angels and instructors encouraging me to express all of my pain, I broke through my shell and achieved a level of happiness I had never before experienced.

The next day was the best day of my life. I was thoroughly happy and peaceful the entire day, and all of my friends were shocked that I was so genuinely happy about life, especially on a Monday morning. I couldn’t wait to go back to P3, my new favorite place on earth, so I angelled at the next P3. Since then, I have continued to support P3 by angelling whenever I can, and my relationship with my mother has steadily gotten better. I even got her to go back to P3 and she was able to feel a new level of happiness and peace. Now we have a deep, open relationship with one another and I am profoundly happy to have a loving immediate family and a new loving P3 family.

P3 has not only changed how I relate to others, but has helped me discover who I truly am and encouraged me to set goals and chase my dreams. Before P3, my work ethic was minimalistic and I was a chronic procrastinator. Now, I work very hard at both school and work and I get assignments finished long before they are due.

Let me give you some examples of how successful I have been since completing P3 and learning how to overcome my issues. When I was seventeen, I was accepted into the Burnett Honors College at UCF to study mechanical engineering and was awarded the Pegasus Bronze Scholarship. After completing another rigorous application process, I was hired as a summer camp counselor for the YMCA. When I began college, I became a professional balloon artist and started my company, Balloons by Forrest. I am now nineteen and I am maintaining a 4.0 GPA at the Burnett Honors College, a GPA which I was not even close to getting in high school. Even more amazingly, I was recently chosen by the Burnett Honors College as a 2011 Presidential Scholar and a 2011 Peer Ambassador. The Presidential Scholarship will pay for me to go on the most prestigious study abroad trip offered by UCF and as a Peer Ambassador I will represent the Honors Program in leading their incoming freshman during orientation. In addition, I have been awarded the Frank Hubbard Engineering Endowed Scholarship for my commitment to my college education this school year.

Personal Power & Prosperity has changed my life in every way. Before P3, I was an angry sixteen-year-old who was not truly dedicated to anything in life. Now I am a successful and happy college student and I share a warm and loving relationship with my entire family. Also, ever since I graduated from P3, I have come back to angel whenever possible. As of today I have completed 16 workshops, totaling 535 community service hours. In addition, I have inspired and encouraged three family members and three friends to go through the course and they have all benefitted greatly from the experience. I am deeply grateful to everyone who is a part of this organization, and I believe that there is only one aspect of P3 that may be improved. I would like for people who cannot afford the course to still be able to experience the powerful, positive changes it will bring to their lives. Currently, an average of only two out of eight scholarship requests can be filled by the Love Your Life Foundation per P3 course. Through your contribution, many more people will be able to work through their hardships in life so that they may live their lives to the fullest. If I was ever to assign a price to feeling great happiness and a deep sense of peace, it would be the cost of the P3 workshop. Thank you for considering donating to the Love Your Life Foundation!

As a teenage boy, Forrest was a troublemaker at the brink of expulsion from his home. To comply with his mother’s ultimatum, he attended a workshop The Love Your Life Foundation supports called Personal Power & Prosperity (P3). It is an intense 30-hour weekend workshop of experiential psychology dedicated to realizing and improving destructive belief systems, allowing its participants to healthily embrace their lives. Today, Forrest is at the Honor’s College in the University of Central Florida maintaining a constant 4.0 GPA and was recently awarded the Presidential Scholarship. He volunteers his weekends at P3, giving back to the organization he attributes the changes in his life.”



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